Linux Error: bind error: Address already in use [How to Solve]

About network programming, the server-client bind error: address already in use:


1. You used the port number, but the process did not exist.

2. At the end of the process:

crtl +c   And crtl + Z are different. The former ends the process and the latter suspends the process

If you use the latter, the process will hang and not be killed



1. Kill the process

PS – Aue view PID   , Then kill + process PID and kill the process

2. Change the port number

3. Wait half a minute until the port is released

4. External parameter transmission

It is more convenient to directly change the new port number than 2

5. Use the setsockopt() function to cancel the port number binding restriction

int on=1;
setsockopt(fd,SOL_ SOCKET,SO_ REUSEADDR,& on,sizeof(on));

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