How to Solve Zeppelin page 503 error

Problem Description: error 503 is reported on the page after Zeppelin is started


You need to modify the directory permissions and attribution of webapp

drwxrwxr-x   3 hadoop hadoop     4096 Sep   9 11:23 webapps

chmod 755 webapps

chown -R hadoop:hadoop webapps/

After modification, restart Zeppelin

[[email protected] /usr/local/service/zeppelin-0.9.0/bin]$ ./ restart
Please specify HADOOP_CONF_DIR if USE_HADOOP is true
Zeppelin stop                                              [  OK  ]
Zeppelin start                                             [  OK  ]
[[email protected] /usr/local/service/zeppelin-0.9.0/bin]$

web UI

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