How to Solve Error: Error parsing mapper XML

[Solved] Error parsing Mapper XML

Error parsing mapper xml
this error message is essentially a mapper XML error
failed resolve xxx XML, etc.
here we analyze some problems that will not become popular when writing, and that will cause errors when starting

1. ID conflict

The conflicts here are

<resultMap type="" id="t01agentComMap">

<resultMap type="" id="t01agentComMap">

Specific SQL

<select id="findBy" >
<update id="findBy">

As long as two or more IDs are the same, an error will be reported. This usually happens because you don’t pay attention to copy and paste. You need to be careful!

2. Return type error

<resultMap type="" id="t01agentComMap">
<select id="findBy" resultType="t01agentComMap">

Like here, I returned the resultmap, but wrote the resulttype

Similarly, for example, if I return a string type, but I write a resultmap, I will also report an error

3. Not writing the full class name

<resultMap type="" id="t01agentComMap">

The resultmap, if I write it like this

<resultMap type="T01agentComDTO" id="t01agentComMap">

An error will be reported. Of course, if relevant settings are configured

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