How to realize automatic assembly in springboot

spring boot itself is a framework that serves the spring framework. It can simplify configuration files, quickly build micro-blog applications, build tomcat built-in, and run directly without packaging deployment.
and one of the features I find most convenient is convention over configuration, which allows programmers to focus more on the business logic.
where EnableAntoConfiguration defaults to the dependent starter for automatic
springboot automatic assembly principle is :
1.Spring implementation process has refreshContext(context), which internally parsed the label on our configuration class, and the annotation @enableantoconfiguration
2. Parses @ EnableAntoConfiguration this annotation of @ the configuration of the Import into class @ AntoConfigurationImportSelector
3. @ AntoConfigurationImportSelector. This class has methods SpringFactoriesLoder loadFactoryNames (getStringFactoriesLoaderFactoryClass (), getBeanClasLoader ()); The purpose is to read the meta-inf /spring.factories file
. Spring.factories file in the project in jarbao configure the Configuration class to be assembled automatically.

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