Error when connecting to database: DB2 SQL error: sqlcode = – 204, sqlstate = 42704, sqlerrmc= YXUAT.CUST_ BLK_ REL, DRIVER=4.25.13

DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-204, SQLSTATE=42704, SQLERRMC= yxuat. CUST_BLK_REL, DRIVER=4.25.13

Reason: When using MyBATIS, the remote database was connected, and the login user did not specify which schemas to use, that is, the user name was not specified. This led to the fact that Mybaits could not find the schemas we wanted, so it reported an error.
Solution 1: When you write SQL statements, you simply add schemas before the table names in the SQL
For example: SELECT * from cmis_uat1.cust_blk_rel
Solution 2: Add schemas when configuring datasource.
For example: spring: a datasource: url: JDBC: db2:// currentSchema = CMIS_UAT1; username: yxuat password: xfjr2016

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