When I perform a file upload process, I need to pass the file information into the database
An error occurred while performing a data insert operation. The log message is:
[the 12-11-28 13:58:34:367 CST] 00000066 SystemOut O ERROR – document UNID = 123234 ERROR AddConvertItem method to add convertitem had errors: DB2 SQL ERROR: SQLCODE: – 433, SQLSTATE: 22001, SQLERRMC:   Query: Insert into ConvertItem (identifier, fileTypeSettings urgentLevel, tablename, oaparms, securitySettings, id, sourceUrl, sourcePath, convertStatus, precision, pdfpath, uploadUrl) values (‘ 123234 ‘, ‘Standard’, ‘o?°?’,’snkkk’,’other’,’No Security ‘, 1786, ‘’, ‘E:/filequeues/bocomm/sourcesavedir/2012-11/123234/123234 _test2. Doc’, ‘0’, ‘Standard’, ‘E:/filequeues/bocomm pdfsavedir/2012-11/123234/123234. PDF ‘, ‘’) Parameters: []
The reason for the error, according to the query, is that the length of the field in red is too long, exceeding the maximum length of the field urgentLevel
If you encounter the above problems in the future, you can use the following database: DB2?Sql433 to query
Where 433 is the content corresponding to SQLCODE in the error message

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