Error report when executing ifconfig under centos7

The paper
The problem I have encountered is that ifconfig is not installed. The specific operation process is as follows

// Step 1
yum search ifconfig

// Step 2
yum install net-tools.x86_64

// Step 3

Check the problem

sbin/ifconfig /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin

sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin /sbin
Install the ifconfig
Install the inconfig command package using yum

yum search ifconfig

: If config is in the nettools.x86_64 package, install this package

yum install net-tools.x86_64


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