Linux: How to Solve Rabbitmq Plug-in Install Error

After rabitmq is installed normally, rabbitmq server starts normally, but rabbitmq_ The management plug-in failed to start and reported an error:

rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
{:query, :[email protected], {:badrpc, :timeout}}

add the Linux host number and host name at the end of the hosts file
method: VI/etc/hosts
Edit by I
host number host name
for example: localhost (fill in your own here)
after adding: WQ save exit
at this time, you can view the rabbitmq plug-in

After rabbitmq is started and the plug-in is also enabled, the page cannot be accessed
the firewall may not be closed

Solution: turn off the Linux firewall

(1) Set boot enable firewall: systemctl enable firewalld.service

(2) Set boot disable firewall: systemctl disable firewalld.service

(3) Start firewall: systemctl start firewalld

(4) Turn off the firewall: systemctl stop firewalld

(5) Check firewall status: systemctl status firewalld

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