[Solved] Tableau Desktop Install Error: 0x80070643 fatal error during installation

Problem description

When installing tableau desktop, the following errors may occur:

0x80070643 fatal error during installation

The error log is as follows:
in addition, the following errors can be found in the log:

Error 0x80070643: unable to execute MSI package


Required installation components failed to start
Please note that error 0x80070643 is an error of Microsoft


1. In windows, navigate to control panel > “Programs and features >”, Locate the visual c + + redistributable package shown in the setup file. For example, tableau desktop 2018.2 3 installation procedure Exe file contains 2013 and 2014 x64 Visual C + + redistributable component packages (as well as. MSI installer and some Database Driver Installer files of tableau desktop)

2. If not, go to the Microsoft official website to download
download link: https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/download/confirmation.aspx?id=53587

3. Just download and install
run the installer from tableau desktop Exe file, and then run tableau desktop MSI installer

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