Eclipse Godson Error: Makefile:recipe for target ‘clean‘ failed

report errors

Error in environment when running Godson development in Eclipse:
Godson makefile: 66: recipe for target 'clean' failed
makefile: 66: recipe for target 'clean' failed
makefile: recipe for target 'clean' failed

Error reporting reason

Reason one

Error making when writing kernel module. When the error message “recipe for target XXX” is still displayed after the syntax error and path error of makefile are eliminated, maybe you should doubt the code used by your makefile. (if your makefile is copied directly from the Internet, first use the WordPad under the window to see if there is any garbled code. The garbled code of “space” is likely to lead to your error)


If you do not run as an administrator under windows10 system, the above error will be reported


Run eclipse as an administrator and run the files will be OK!

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