Ecilpse: All Common Shortcut keys

Alt + ?   #Code tips

ctrl + l #Go to a line

ctrl + D #delete the line where the cursor is

ctrl + shift + r #Access a file

ctrl + shiif + f #Formatting

ctrl + shift + o #Package introduction

alt + arrow keys down # Move the cursor down the line

alt + arrow keys up # Move the cursor up the line

ctrl + alt + arrow keys down # Copy down the line where the cursor is

ctrl + alt + arrow keys up # Copy cursor row up

alt + shift + R # Rename method name

ctrl +/ #Add single line comment, uncomment if comment is already added

Ctrl + 1 # Quick fix

Shift + Enter # insert empty line in the next line of the current line (this time the mouse can be anywhere in the current line, not necessarily at the end) 

Shift+Ctrl+Enter # insert a blank line in the current line (same principle as the previous article)

Ctrl+M # Maximize the current Edit or View (press again to do the opposite)

Ctrl+H #Search in the whole project

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