During a paging operation

The computer is often dead, one or two minutes to recover, and shut down the symptoms of constant power.
System logs are roughly divided into two types of error reporting:
Event ID: 51
Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Disk
Description: An error was detected on device \ device \Harddisk3\DR3 during a paging operation.(An error was detected on device \ device \Harddisk1\D during paging.)

Event ID: 9
Event Type: Error
Event Source: NVGTS
Description:a parity Error was detected on device\ SCSI \nvgts1.(device\ device\ SCSI \nvgts1 did not respond within transmission wait time)
So tangled used for a long time, analysis should be Nvidia SATA Device driver problem, but others NV are no longer new driver, this Bug can not be Fixed.
Today I stumbled upon a method that seemed to work: go to the device manager and open the “disk drive” and close the write cache on the disk.

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