nvidia/cuda:11.4.2-cudnn8-devel-ubuntu20.04:CUDA_ ERROR_ SYSTEM_ DRIVER_ MISMATCH

Problem viewing and solving


When running a program calling cudnn library, an error occurs when running. The error is CUDA_ ERROR_ SYSTEM_ DRIVER_ MISMATCH。 This thing is very speechless. I don’t know why. I use docker: NVIDIA/CUDA: 11.4.2-cudnn8-devel-ubuntu 20.04.


This problem is related to the version of libcuda. You can check NVIDIA SMI to confirm whether the version of libcuda (i.e. driver version) is inconsistent with the host version:

the problem I encountered is the version inconsistency.


Libcuda. So and libcuda. So. 1 should be in/usr/lib/x86_ In the 64 Linux GNU folder, enter this folder and modify the soft connection of libcuda. So. 1:

ln -s 

In this way, the problems can be solved

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