Can’t Dubbo’s @ service be injected into the spring container?

Solution: rebuild the module and test again
when testing the Dubbo provider, adding @ service under the Dubbo path to the business implementation code will report that a test class is not injected
org.springframework.beans.factory.unsatisfied dependencyexception: error creating bean with name ‘com.tanhua.dubbo.server.api.testrecommenduserapi XXXXXX,
No qualifying bean of type ‘com. Tanhua. Dubbo. Server. API. Recommenduserapi’ available: (I think the interface recommenduserapi was not injected), so I replaced it with spring’s @ service line; But shouldn’t Dubbo’s @ service have spring’s @ service function?Baidu for a long time did not belong to their correct answer; After carefully checking the scan package, the annotation @ runwith (springrunner. Class) @ springboottest
on the test class has been added, and the @ service under Dubbo still reports an error
at last, the module was simply rebuilt by copying and pasting, and the final test was successful!! But what’s wrong?I don’t know. Maybe it’s related to building a module! Hope it works…

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