ASIC VCS Error: Error-[VCS_COM_UNE] Cannot find VCS compiler [Solved]

[[email protected] ~]$ vcs -h

Error-[VCS_COM_UNE] Cannot find VCS compiler
  VCS compiler not found. Environment variable VCS_HOME 
  (/opt/eda/synopsys/vcs-mx/N-2017.12-SP2/linux) is selecting a directory in 
  which there isn't a compiler 
  '/opt/eda/synopsys/vcs-mx/N-2017.12-SP2/linux/bin/vcs1' for a machine of 
  this type 'linux'.
  Please check whether 'VCS_HOME' is incorrect; if not, see below.

 Perhaps vcs hasn't been installed for machine of type "linux".
 Or the installation has been damaged.
 To verify whether vcsN-2017.12 supports machine of type "Linux 3.10.0-1160.31.1.el7.x86_64",
 please look at ReleaseNotes for more details .
 We determine the machine type from uname; maybe uname is incorrect.
 You can fix installation problems by reinstalling from CDROM 
 or downloading it from the Synopsys ftp server. 
 For assistance, please contact vcs technical support
 at [email protected] or call 1-800-VERILOG 

Two solutions:

1. Specify VCs as 64 bit mode through the – full64 parameter

alias vcs ='vcs -full64'

2. Set VCS_ TARGET_ Arch is linux64

export VCS_TARGET_ARCH=linux64

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