use cin.get () instead of system (“pause”) to avoid the flash of C + + programs

C + + compiled in a separate console program execution time, often a flash, can’t see the output results, in order to solve this problem, there are a lot of people use the system (” pause “) to suspend, but so are a lot of disadvantages, there are two reasons for
a: poor portability
2: consume resources is very big, in both Windows and Linux

Instead of using system(“pause”) to pause, you can use STD ::cin.get() or getchar()
. Why not system(“pause”)?

Let’s take a look at the flow of system(“pause”)
1: Pause your program
: Start the Shell in the sub-process
3>ind commands to execute and allocate memory for them
4: Wai>r input
5: Recluse m>y
6: End the Shell <>> 7: Continue your program>

To summarize, use STD ::cin.get() or getchar() to pause the execution of a C ++ program

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