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To solve the problem of failed to load: data in HTML5 game running rmmv locally/ actors.json problem

When running locally RMMV HTML 5 games Failed to load: data/actors. Json problem, discussed in the site has a http://steamcommunity.com/app/363890/discussions/1/483368526577568252/

originally belongs to the problems of cross-domain access, using the server is no problem, need not service for chrome seems to have ways of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3102819/disable-same-origin-policy-in-chrome/3177718#3177718

in Windows:

using the following command “C:\.. \chrome.exe” –disable-web-security –user-agent=”Android” –user-data-dir=”C:/temp-chrome-eng” –app=”file:///C:/apps/index.html”

for me, use “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –user-data-dir=”C:/Chrome dev session” –disable-web-security

after Path is added, simplify to chrome –user-data-dir=”C:/ chrome-dws-user-data -dir” –disable web-security

Open chrome with , and enter the file you want to access in the address bar of the page that says “you are using an unsupported command line tag.


where XXX is the user name

then encountered a Failed to load:GameFont error

I changed the return value of the function(name) function to true for rpg_core.js.