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[Solved] AgilePLM error: Ora-00904: “A”.”ITEM_NUMBER”: invalid identifier

AgilePLM error

Problem phenomenon

Agile version: 9.3.2

When searching for a material in full-text search, the error is report: ora-00904: “A”.”ITEM_NUMBER”:invalid identifier

However, no error will be reported when using advanced search to specify material search. Restart the database, restart the application and rebuild the index can not be solved.

Cause analysis

In the troubleshooting process, advanced search was used to search all objects one by one. Finally, it was found that the separate search price times was wrong. Later, the administrator remembered that he had changed a price standard in the morning and used the material code as the price standard. The problem may be caused by this operation.


If the standard is changed, the material code cannot be used as the price standard. Then restart the agile application server. To solve the problem.