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Problems caused by vs project build order: link: fatal error lnk1181: cannot open input file ‘zoom’_ Ui_ style.lib ‘

Problem solving
Project description
My three projects, 1, 2, 3; 1 is static DLL, 2 is EXe, 3 is static DLL2 depends on 1, 3; Three depends on one; First of all, I went to stackflow and wandered around the main stream, which means that the configuration of your link is not well configured, so that you can configure Blabla…
But I know my configuration is ok, then I scroll down and find another answer, as shown in the figure below:
basically means that you have a problem with the order of each project build of this project, then I have a look according to the instructions, and sure enough, I have a dependency which is not checked. Here the project depends on your own mind to know ~ method 1: Menu-& GT; Project-> Project Dependencies method 2: Right Click Soultion -& GT; properties-> Project Dependencies is perfectly solved, but today CSDN’s Markdown seems to be a little buggy