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[Solved] LaTeX Error: File ‘‘picins.sty‘‘ not Found.

What should I do if latex is running fine in the early stages, but suddenly it doesn’t work and shows that an important file is missing? Here we take “picins.sty” as an example.

Most of the problems can be solved by the following method.
It would be more accurate to put the two .sty files in the tex/latex/picins directory, the .dvi and .doc files in the doc/latex/picins directory, and the rest of the files in the source/latex/picins directory. The above refers to its directory tree in MiKTeX. However, it was found that the corresponding picins folder could not be found, so you need to complete it manually, as follows.

Step 1, check if the picins folder is missing under texlive’s folder, tex/latex/picins directory and doc/latex/picins directory and source/latex/picins directory.

Step 2: If not, copy the downloaded and unzipped picins folder to the above three directories.

Step 3, press win+R at the same time, execute cmd command, type “texhash” to update the database of tex.

The above three steps will solve the problem that the file does not exist.

[Solved] LaTeX Error: \Url Error ->\url used in a moving argument.

LaTeX error: \Url Error ->\url used in a moving argument.

Error Messages:

\Url Error ->\url used in a moving argument.

Causes and Solutions

To use \url{…} in footnotes, images, table titles, etc. and other commands, you need to use \protect before.

For example:

  I would thank to Xovee Xu (\url{https://xovee.cn/})

// or 

  Please refer to \url{https://xovee.cn/}

Change to

  I would thank to Xovee Xu (\protect\url{https://xovee.cn/}). 

// or 

  Please refer to \protect\url{https://xovee.cn/}. 

[Solved] LaTex Error: Critical Package ctex Error: CTeX fontset `fandol‘ is unavailable in current(ctex) mode. }

Problem description

I use the downloaded latex template to run, and the following error messages appear


Switch the default compilation method, because Chinese appears in in the content

1. Click Options–>Configure TeXstudio...

2. Click build ->Default Compiler

Switch to xelatex

OK, solve the problem