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[Solved] Failed to load property source from location ‘classpath:/application.yml‘

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to load property source from location ‘classpath:/application.yml’

Caused by:

Error Reason:
register-with-eureka: false and service-url: are not aligned in the application.yml configuration file

  port: 7001
    hostname: www.eureka7001.com
    fetch-registry: false  
    register-with-eureka: false 
       defaultZone: http://${eureka.instance.hostname}:${server.port}/eureka/  

Using JSTL to traverse the list set reports an error

Use JSTL to report an error when traversing the list set

javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Property [department] not found on type [com.studying.model.Employee]

However, the Department attribute in the data transmitted from the back end has a value

Error reason

After careful search, it is found that the set/get method of attribute Department has been forgotten in the employee class

    public Department getDepartment() {
        return department;

    public void setDepartment(Department department) {
        this.department = department;