[Solved] tomcat Startup Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes

Error: invalid signature file digest for manifest main attributes

The project runs normally on the local machine, but it cannot be started when deployed to the Tomcat of the server. The following error is reported:

Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes
        at sun.security.util.SignatureFileVerifier.processImpl(SignatureFileVerifier.java:239) [:1.6.0_30]
        at sun.security.util.SignatureFileVerifier.process(SignatureFileVerifier.java:193) [:1.6.0_30]
        at java.util.jar.JarVerifier.processEntry(JarVerifier.java:296) [:1.6.0_30]
        at java.util.jar.JarVerifier.update(JarVerifier.java:207) [:1.6.0_30]
        at java.util.jar.JarFile.initializeVerifier(JarFile.java:342) [:1.6.0_30]
        at java.util.jar.JarFile.getInputStream(JarFile.java:410) [:1.6.0_30]
        at org.jboss.vfs.spi.JavaZipFileSystem.getFile(JavaZipFileSystem.java:159) [jboss-vfs.jar:3.0.0.GA]
        at org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile.getPhysicalFile(VirtualFile.java:262) [jboss-vfs.jar:3.0.0.GA]
        at org.jboss.web.deployers.AbstractWarDeployer$1.visit(AbstractWarDeployer.java:853) [:6.0.0.Final]
        at org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile.visit(VirtualFile.java:408) [jboss-vfs.jar:3.0.0.GA]
        at org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile.visit(VirtualFile.java:410) [jboss-vfs.jar:3.0.0.GA]
        at org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile.visit(VirtualFile.java:410) [jboss-vfs.jar:3.0.0.GA]
        at org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile.visit(VirtualFile.java:410) [jboss-vfs.jar:3.0.0.GA]
        at org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile.visit(VirtualFile.java:396) [jboss-vfs.jar:3.0.0.GA]
        at org.jboss.web.deployers.AbstractWarDeployer.getExplodedWarUrl(AbstractWarDeployer.java:866) [:6.0.0.Final]
        at org.jboss.web.deployers.AbstractWarDeployer.deploy(AbstractWarDeployer.java:400) [:6.0.0.Final]
        ... 47 more

Almost all the Internet queries have problems. There are files in the meta-inf folder of the packaged jar or war.JBoss is trying to process these files or doesn’t want to process them there.

However, I found that my meta-inf folder was empty and there was no * RSA,*.DSA,*.SF and other documents are hard to understand
I have also tried to repackage and replace the Tomcat version, but this problem has not been solved.

Finally, I thought that the project is divided into modules. Are there these files in the jar package generated by the referenced submodule? Finally, I checked one by one and finally found the problem:
there are these * RSA,*. DSA,*. SF files

remove these files from the jar package:

zip -d <jar file name>.jar META-INF/*.RSA META-INF/*.DSA META-INF/*.SF

But this is a temporary solution but not a permanent solution. The problem will still occur in the next packaging. Finally, go to the pom.xml file to exclude META-INF/*.SF and other files

							<!-- Exclude the following files to prevent verification errors when the program is started  -->

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