[Solved] RSA encryption request error: javax.crypto.badpaddingexception: decryption error

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Share today — RSA encryption request error: javax. Crypto. Badpaddingexception: decryption error , welcome to pay attention!

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🌂 resolvent

In the login method, the space can be replaced by a + sign, just ask if you want to be coquettish

String inputDecryptData = "";
        try {
            Object privateKey = redisUtil.get(Constant.RSA_PRIVATE_KEY);

            inputDecryptData =  RSAUtils.decrypt(password.replaceAll(" ","+"), RSAUtils.getPrivateKey(privateKey.toString()));
        } catch (Exception e) {
            log.error("RSA encryption and decryption exceptions occurred ======>", e);
            throw new BizException("RSA encryption and decryption exception occurred");

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