[Solved] Mujoco Error: Missing path to your environment variable.

Using mujoco to report an error: missing path to your environment variable


Recently, you want to use pycharm to run the server program in the local server environment. Follow https://www.jb51.net/article/195691.htm After step configuration, try running Import mujoco_Py , error reported:

Missing path to your environment variable.  
Current values LD_LIBRARY_PATH= 
Please add following line to .bashrc: 
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/root/.mujoco/mujoco200/bin

But I’ve added environment variables to ~ /. Bashrc


Finally, the error reporting is solved by manually adding environment variables for the current operating environment:

In the menu bar -> Run -> Edit Configurations -> Add the corresponding environment variables to environment variables

Name Value
LD_ LIBRARY_ PATH $LD_ LIBRARY_ PATH:/root/.mujoco/mujoco200/bin


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