[Solved] module ‘numpy.random‘ has no attribute ‘default_rng‘ gensim.model

I see that some bloggers have said to upgrade numpy
but my numpy is up-to-date
numpy 1.21.0
but still can’t
to get to the point directly
* * my solution may be limited to gensim *
(1) in Python, from gensim.models import fasttext shows that a file is disabled, PIP install Python Levenshtein can solve the problem, However, the following errors occurred during the installation process, which means that visual c + + 14.0 is missing or upgraded.

(2) in order to avoid this problem, install the WHL file directly and download it according to your own Python version. After 64 bit and 34 bit
PIP install path + WHL file, you can successfully install

(3) Restart Jupiter notebook
must restart, I don’t know why, restart not report error

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