[Solved] kubeadm init initialize error: “unknown service runtime.v1alpha2.RuntimeService”

Version: v1.24.1


In the test to build a k8s cluster, it is found that kubeadm init initialization error, as shown below: 


Looking for Google to search a lot, some bloggers said that it can be solved by deleting the config.toml file. So I made a bold attempt…

rm /etc/containerd/config.toml
systemctl restart containerd


After trying the above method, it is found that the problem is not solved, and the error report has new changes. 


 I tried the following plan again, and it worked! !

cat > /etc/containerd/config.toml << EOF
[plugins. " io.containerd.grpc.v1.cri " ]
systemd_cgroup = true 

 systemctl restart containerd


success! ! ! ! !

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