[Solved] kafka Error: java.net.UnknownHostException: kafkahost


Problem phenomenon:

Today, I wanted to debug the service on my computer. I found that when calling the interface through the gateway, an error related to Kafka was reported, as follows:

java.net.UnknownHostException: kafkahost

Problem analysis:

It can be seen from the error message that the host named kafkahost cannot be recognized.

By viewing the configuration of a service instance of Kafka cluster configuration on Linux server, you can find:


This configuration uses the {kafkahost} mentioned in the error message. You can see that this service instance listens to the IP port} kafkahost: 0091; By viewing the/etc/hosts file of the Linux server, you can see:

Kafkahost points to the Linux server IP.

Since I accessed the Kafka service on the Linux server in the native service, I naturally could not resolve to kafkahost. Therefore, you need to add the corresponding configuration in the hosts file of this machine!


Find the hosts file path of this machine:


Add the following configuration at the end of the file to identify kafkahost as the Linux server IP:

Restart the local service and call the interface again without any error:

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