[Solved] Fluent error: invalid command [initialize-flow

Fluent error reporting record

1. invalid command [initialize-flow

. Two files are needed to calculate fluent on the cluster, *.jou and *.cas;
In *.jou, you can input and output file information and execute commands

/file/read-case *.cas
/solve/iterate 10000
/file/write-data out.dat

Job script, take LSF as an example *.lsf:

RUN="fluent 3d -g -i input.jou"

Error 1 after submission:

Solution: Check the format of input.jou file, type: set ff after vim, see whether the file is in dos format or unix format, the problem I encountered on my side was caused by the wrong format, and the calculation was normal after changing to unix format.

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