[Solved] express-jwt Error: Error: jwt is not a function

Problem Description:

Express JWT is not a function

Cause analysis:

The express JWT I installed is version 7.7.5, and the usage has changed.


Check the official documents for the latest usage


1. import

var { expressjwt:jwt } = require("express-jwt")

2. registration

secret: 'shhhhhhared-secret', algorithms: ['HS256'] 
}).unless({ path:[/^\/api\//] }))

.unless ({specify the path without access permission with regular})

Or another method, directly add the unique protected path address as a parameter:

app.use("/api", jwt({ 
secret: "shhhhhhared-secret", algorithms: ["HS256"] 

3. user data

Once parsed successfully, the user data contained in the Token will be automatically mounted on req.auth

// This is an API interface with permissions
app.get('/admin/getinfo', function (req, res) {
  // TODO_05: use req.auth to get the user information and use the data property to send the user information to the client
    status: 200,
    message: 'User information retrieved successfully! ,
    data: req.auth// the user information to be sent to the client


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