[Solved] ERROR: No matching distribution found for torch-cluster==x.x.x

Refer to the configuration of others and configure py36 in CONDA virtual environment

conda create -n py36 python=3.6

The default is Python 3 6.0. Later, pytorch = 1.8.0 and cudatoolkit = 11.1.1 are installed successfully, and then pip is used to install
– torch cluster = = 1.5.9
– torch scatter = = 2.0.6
– torch spark = = 0.6.9
– torch spline conv = = 1.2.1

ERROR: No matching distribution found for torch-cluster==1.5.9

After trying various methods on the Internet, it still doesn’t work. Even if you remove the version limit, you still report an error
later, I checked the environment configuration of others I referred to. It was the wrong version of Python I used. I should use Python 3 6.10
then execute in this virtual environment:

conda install python=3.6.10=hcf32534_1

Then execute it

pip install torch-xxxx==x.x.x

You can install it successfully

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