[Solved] Error launching IDEA: Failed to create JVM. JVM Path…

Error launching IDEA

This error is actually a modification of the /idea64.exe.vmoptions file, but you add something he can not recognize


The solution is very simple to \idea64.exe.vmoptions in your added delete on it!

But note that in case you really do not know what you have added, you can add a pause to the end of the idea.bat file, you can know is not recognized that sentence

Then run it, find it and go to \idea64.exe.vmoptions file to delete it.

As for how to find this file, I learned is in the idea installation path of the bin, and then after a series of operations, even with other people’s configuration directly replace the file did not work, and finally Kung Fu does not bear any responsibility, in my efforts to learn that there is an identical file in the C disk, we need to modify the C disk files

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