[Solved] error in REfO setup command: use_2to3 is invalid.

Problem Description: When using pip command to install refo==0.13 version, it will show that it is installed as 0.12 version because 0.13 version only has .tar.gz file and no whl file, pip installation will select 0.12 version, while manually downloading 0.13 version .tar.gz file and installing offline, it will report an error, the following is the process of the problem.

Requirement: install refo==0.13 version

pip install refo
#It will automatically install 0.12, because 0.13 does not have xhl files

pip install refo==0.13
#Error in REfO setup command: use_2to3 is invalid.
error in REfO setup command: use_2to3 is invalid.

# Download the 0.13 .tar.gz file and install it offline with the same error.
error in REfO setup command: use_2to3 is invalid.

Check the data and the problem is:

setuptools>= 58 interrupt support use_2to3

Setuptools change log for V58

setuptools should be updated to setuptools<Version 58 or avoid using use_2to3 set the package in the parameters.

Solution: Execute the following command:

pip install setuptools==56.0.0
#After execution, setuptools will automatically fall back to version 56.0.0

Then just install the refo==0.13 version.tar.gz file offline

Supplement the contents of the third-party package for offline installation:

Python third-party library download website Python third-party library

.whl file installation.

Go to the directory of the above whl file from the command line interface in one of the environments under anaconda where the library needs to be installed
Install the library using the command: pip install xxxxx.whl
.tar.gz file installation.

From the command line interface, go to the above extracted directory in the environment where the library is to be installed under anaconda
Use the command: python setup.py install

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