Solve the problem of postgre error #22p02 malformed array literal



Problem solving


When you use the go PG framework to modify a column, an error occurs.

The column to be modified is bigint [] type. Keep trying, and multiple errors are reported as follows:

Missing   “=”   after   array   dimensions

ERROR #22P02 malformed array literal

Problem solving

Modify data directly:

update table_name set  xxx= '{1,2}' where id=2;

  This modification is successful. Is it right to contact the code and convert the value types to be injected?Yes, that’s it!

Code mode: set (“column =?”, Val)   

Convert each value of Val of type [] Int64 into a string, and concatenate the string with commas: ` {% s}`

Expand to see: set (“column =?”, ` {1,2} ‘)   


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