ROS Error: Roslaunch got a ‘No such file or directory‘ error while attempting to run xterm -e gdb –args

When using gdb to debug the ROS node of VINS-mono, I encountered this error:

process[feature_tracker-2]: started with pid [8459]
RLException: Roslaunch got a 'No such file or directory' error while attempting to run:
xterm -e gdb --args /home/matthew/projects/vinsmono/devel/lib/vins_estimator/vins_estimator __name:=vins_estimator __log:=/home/matthew/.ros/log/5eeae726-84a9-11ec-ad3c-378f34e64432/vins_estimator-3.log
Please make sure that all the executables in this command exist and have
executable permission. This is often caused by a bad launch-prefix.
The traceback for the exception was written to the log file



sudo apt-get install xterm

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