[RFID] OctaneSDKJava Eclipse Error: Error occurred during initialization of boot layer

Question details

Errors are reported as follows:

Error occurred during initialization of boot layer
java.lang.module.FindException: Unable to derive module descriptor for C:\Users\tongx\eclipse-workspace\OctaneSDKJava\lib\OctaneSDKJava-
Caused by: java.lang.module.InvalidModuleDescriptorException: JDOMAbout$Info.class found in top-level directory (unnamed package not allowed in module)

Attempt method 1 (failed)

In jdk9 and above, modules are introduced. Therefore, if a separate running class is created in the default package, it cannot be compiled. There is no such problem in jdk8; If you still want to run separate classes in the default package, delete module-info.java in the SRC folder.

But my java is version 1.8, and my attempt failed

Try method 2 (feasible)

Here, we have adopted the methods of other big men:


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