[Solved] Java.lang.BootstrapMethodError: call site initialization exception

Causes of the problem:

When we upgrade the version of the company’s Flink, we type the task into a jar package and send it to the Flink cluster to run. Due to the upgrade of the version of the Flink, it has a certain impact on the components.


When collecting data, ES reported the following error
java.lang.bootstrap method error: call site initialization exception
java.lang.invoke.lambdaconversionexception: invalid receiver type interface org.apache.http.header; not a subtype of implementation type interface org.apache.http.NameValuePair


In the POM file, HttpCore and httpclient are introduced separately, and then conflicting dependencies are excluded in the introduction of ES. However, this method does not solve my problem. Finally, it is solved by reducing the version of ES dependency, which is reduced from es7.11.1 to es7.2.0.

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