Python — magic identify file types

Magic is a python module to identify the file type
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the project integration the Windows needed libraries, directly use this one instead:
The installation
pip install python-magic-bin
Simple to use
Method 1

>>> import magic
>>> magic.from_file("testdata/test.pdf")
'PDF document, version 1.2'
>>> magic.from_buffer(open("testdata/test.pdf").read(1024))
'PDF document, version 1.2'
>>> magic.from_file("testdata/test.pdf", mime=True)

Method 2

>>> f = magic.Magic(uncompress=True)
>>> f.from_file('testdata/test.gz')
'ASCII text (gzip compressed data, was "test", last modified: Sat Jun 28 21:32:52 2008, from Unix)'

A small example of solving a real problem
This example combines the use of Zipfile and Magic

# coding:utf8

import os
from zipfile import ZipFile
import magic

m = magic.Magic()

dir_name = '/home/some_zip/'
for root, dir, files in os.walk(dir_name):
    zipnames = files

for a_zip_name in zipnames:
    print '#' * 80
    print a_zip_name
    with ZipFile(dir_name + a_zip_name) as azip:
        filenames = azip.namelist()
        for i in [10, 20, 30]:
            with[i], pwd='zippassword') as afile:
                print m.from_buffer(

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