Nginx reverse proxy MySQL

1. Scene

Mysql database in the pure Intranet environment, no public IP, no VPN.

2. Programme

Install nginx on a server with public IP and in the same Intranet environment with MySQL service to realize the routing and forwarding of MySQL access.

3. Nginx installation

Nginx version needs 1.9 or above. Nginx not only implements HTTP reverse proxy, but also supports TCP reverse proxy.

1) When compiling nginx, you need to add the parameter — with stream to load NGX_ stream_ core_ Module


./configure –prefix=/opt/software/nginx –with-http_ stub_ status_ module –with-http_ ssl_ module –with-stream –with-stream_ ssl_ module –with-pcre=/usr/local/src/pcre-8.35

4. Nginx configuration file nginx.conf

Monitor port 3307 with public IP server, and jump to port 3306 of

Special note: stream should be in the same level directory as HTTP

stream {
    upstream mysql3306 {
        hash $remote_addr consistent;
        server weight=5 max_fails=3 fail_timeout=30s;
	 server {
        listen 3307;
        proxy_connect_timeout 10s;
        proxy_timeout 200s;
        proxy_pass mysql3306;


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