MySQL Install Error: MySQL error 1042: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts

The following error occurred in the last step of installing MySQL:
MySQL error 1042: unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts

There are two solutions

First, treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Open Win + R and run it. Enter services.msc to open the service. Find the service name added when installing mysql. Generally, MySQL version 8.0 is MySQL 80 by default. Double click to open it. Under the login tab, change the selected account to the local system account.

It’s OK to execute after the application is confirmed, but this method needs to be operated once every time you reload mysql.

Another way is to configure group policy, which is a problem caused by the permission management of windows. The steps are as follows:
right click this computer – > Management – > Local users and groups – > Group – > Double click administrators – > Add – > Advanced
add network service to the administrators group

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