Linux accesses the shared directory of windows, pysmb (parameter remote)_Name (defined)

Scheme I

net use this command is only available under windows.

Scheme II

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=administrator,password=password //remote_ share_ server_ ip/share_ Dir./data
this command must use root permission. It cannot be implemented for applications that cannot use root permission. If there is no sudo, an error will be reported:
mount: only root can use "-- options" option

Programme III

Python package pysmb

def check_unc_source(self, unc_path, username, password):
    conn = SMBConnection(username, password, '', remote_name, is_direct_tcp=True)
    result = conn.connect('remote_share_server_ip', 445)
    with open("local_file", "wb") as local_file:
        conn.retrieveFile("share_dir", "file", local_file)

The 4th parameter of SMBConnection, remote_name:

The NetBIOS machine name of the remote server.
On windows, you can find out the machine name by right-clicking on the “My Computer” and selecting “Properties”.
This parameter must be the same as what has been configured on the remote server, or else the connection will be rejected.

You can actually fill in the IP address of the server where the Windows remote shared directory is located, i.e. the same as the first parameter remote_share_server_ip of conn.connect, if it is empty, an error will be reported:
smb.smb_structs.OperationFailure: Failed to retrieve [file] on share_dir: Unable to connect to shared device

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