[latex] latex adjust row spacing

we usually use two kinds of units to adjust the line spacing in word, one is single spacing , 1.5 times spacing, 2 times spacing, etc., and the other is USES “pounds” for setting, I generally do not like to use single spacing when writing documents, I think the 22 pound spacing is the most appropriate, looks the most comfortable.

today when I was editing my paper with latex, I wanted to adjust the line spacing in the LLNCS template, so I summarized both approaches, but before I could use them, I had to introduce the package file: \usepackage{setspace} :

1) \ renewcommand {\ baselinestretch} {1.0}

can be understood as what I just used in word, one is to adjust the single spacing, 1.5 times the spacing, 2 times the spacing, etc..

2) \ setlength {\ baselineskip} {20 pt}
First of all, we need to know several common unit conversions of LaTeX:

We often see the units of length used by LaTeX, in, em, and so on.
LaTeX the length of the support units are:

  • in inches (inch)
  • mm mm (millimeters)
  • cm (centimeters)
  • pt points (approximately 1/72 inch) em-
  • 0 1 ex – 2 Approximately the height of an “x” in the current font

length can also be negative, such as 1.5 em. notice the number 0 itself is not a length, must show is 0 in or 0 pt, etc.

and “pounds” is a measure of the size of a print, which is about one seventy-two inches. While 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 pound = 25.4/72≈0.353 mm. The pounds agree with LaTeX’s Pt-points (about 1/72 inch).

so this can be roughly equal to the “pounds” in wor units.

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