Keras import a custom metric model error: unknown metric function: Please ensure this object is passed to`custom_object‘

Keras’s model defines metric or loss,
there is no problem when saving to H5, but when using load_ When importing the model, an error will be reported:

unknown metric function: HammingScore. Please ensure this object is passed to the custom_ objects argument.

This is because the custom parameters are not passed in. There are two solutions:

          1. if you only need to predict and no longer train, you can add

        compile = false directly

model = keras.models.load_model('model.h5', compile = False)

If you need further training or modification, add your own metrics code and compile it again

              metrics=[HammingScore]) # 这里HammingScore是我自定义的metric
      1. when importing, the user-defined metric/loss is passed into

Custom as a key value_ objects

      1. :
model = keras.models.load_model('model.h5', custom_objects={'HammingScore': HammingScore} )

Note that the key value should be consistent

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