Hystrix fuse of spring cloud system

Problem phenomenon: continuous clicking causes the fusing of hystrix

The solution on the Internet is to adjust the maxqueuesize property. After the modification, the following error still appears. Why does the maxqueuesize property not work?Later, by checking the official documents, we found that hystrix also has a queuesizerejectionthreshold property, which controls the maximum threshold of the queue. By default, hystrix only has five, Therefore, even if we set the maxqueuesize value to be larger, it will not work. Both properties must be configured at the same time

could not be queued for execution and no fallback available


      coreSize: 200 #Maximum number of threads for concurrent execution, default 10
      maxQueueSize: 1000 #Max queue size of BlockingQueue, default -1
      queueSizeRejectionThreshold: 800 #Even if maxQueueSize is not reached, the request will be rejected after reaching the value of queueSizeRejectionThreshold

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