How to Solve Fopen bus error

Bus error (core dumped) occurs in my program, and the error is locked in the fopen part of the code

void dipget(int icdp, int nti, float *dip, char * tanpath)
  FILE * dfile;
  char *filename;

  printf("Choose %d from %s\n",icdp, tanpath);
  sprintf(filename, "%s%d.x.dat",tanpath, icdp);
  printf("Open file: %s \n", filename);

  if((dfile = fopen(filename,"rb"))==NULL) // Bus error
    printf("\n Open %s File error\n",filename);
  fread(dip, sizeof(float), nti, dfile);

Here, you only need to make one step of modification to solve the problem. The reason is very simple. Before using sprintf, you need to allocate a buffer space to it

  char *filename;
  Change to
  char filename[200];

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