[Gradle is Stucked in Building Runing] log Error: Timeout waiting to lock journal cache

Recently, gradle often uses the card build running
the Mac computer can see similar errors printed on the console. The win10 system doesn’t tell you and gets stuck silently.

* What went wrong:
Gradle could not start your build.
> Cannot create service of type BuildTreeActionExecutor using method LauncherServices$ToolingBuildTreeScopeServices.createActionExecutor() as there is a problem with parameter #1 of type List<BuildActionRunner>.
   > Could not create service of type FileAccessTimeJournal using GradleUserHomeScopeServices.createFileAccessTimeJournal().
      > Timeout waiting to lock journal cache (C:\Users\XXX\.gradle\caches\journal-1). It is currently in use by another Gradle instance.
        Owner PID: 8128
        Our PID: 14108
        Owner Operation: 
        Our operation: 
        Lock file: C:\Users\XXX\.gradle\caches\journal-1\journal-1.lock

The log can be seen under the. Gradle/daemon directory of win10. By the way, gradle also dumps the memory. The MAC is not very large. It is estimated that the C disk will be full in a few days

check the 8128 process and find that it is a java program

reset gradle JDK version 11.0.11 in project structure
no jamming exception is found after reset.

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