EasyConnect linux (ubuntu 20.04) Run Error [How to Solve]

(EasyConnect:67186): Pango-ERROR **: 10:01:20.576: Harfbuzz version too old (1.3.1)

Error reason: the version of the dependent package is higher than that required by easyconnect due to the local system update.

Solution: download the low version dependency package and rebuild an easyconnect operation dependency environment


It is decompression rather than installation. If the installation will overwrite the original high-level dependent library, the system will have unknown errors, and the system will not start seriously.

Execute the dpkg unzip command to unzip the library and put it into the installation directory of easyconnect (/usr/share/sangfor/easyconnect),

sudo dpkg -X libpango-1.0-0_ 1.42. 4-7_ amd64. deb  /usr/share/sangfor/EasyConnect
sudo dpkg -X libpangoft2-1.0-0_ 1.42. 4-7_ amd64. deb  /usr/share/sangfor/EasyConnect
sudo dpkg -X libpangocairo-1.0-0_ 1.42. 4-7_ amd64. deb  /usr/share/sangfor/EasyConnect

Then mv the library files in the /usr/share/sangfor/EasyConnect/usr/lib/x86_64- linux- gnu directory with the link directly to the directory /usr/share/sangfor/EasyConnect/, and then start EasyConnect Normal start.

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