Configuring pyflink in pychar (failed)

reference [1], but the official document is a little brief, or need to digest the line

(1) CD/home/appleyuchi/bigdat

(2) the git clone

opens the following path :

4. PIP install flake8

(5) Settings – & gt; External Tools


what is this?


, right click Mark Directory as-> Sources Root


python-m PIP install apache-flink(also search for this in pycharm)


run code :

from flink.plan.Environment import get_environment
from flink.functions.GroupReduceFunction import GroupReduceFunction

class Adder(GroupReduceFunction):
    def reduce(self, iterator, collector):
        count, word =
        count += sum([x[0] for x in iterator])
        collector.collect((count, word))

# 1. 获取一个运行环境
env = get_environment()
# 2. 加载/创建初始数据
data = env.from_elements("Who's there?",
                         "I think I hear them. Stand, ho! Who's there?")
# 3. 指定对这些数据的操作
# data.flat_map(lambda x, c: [(1, word) for word in x.lower().split()]) \
#     .group_by(1) \
#     .reduce_group(Adder(), combinable=True) \
#     .output()

# 4. 运行程序
env.execute()  # 设置execute(local=True)强制程序在本机运行


finally fails because data.output() cannot output any result



command line runs pyflink as

$FLINK_HOME/bin/flink run-py /home/appleyuchi/ desktop/experiment/


[1]Importing Flink into an IDE

[2]PyCharm builds Spark development environment + the first pyspark program

[3]pycharm not updating with environment variables

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