Cannot read property ‘isFile‘ of undefined [How to Solve]

Today, when I started the project, I couldn’t get up. I always reported an error. After translation research, I came to the solution

When executing Vue project NPM run dev FileManager webpack plugin error typeerror: cannot read property 'isfile' of undefined

        if (isGlob) archive.glob(command.source, globOptions);else if (sStats.isFile()) archive.file(command.source, { 
        name: path$1.basename(command.source) });else if (sStats.isDirectory()) archive.glob('**/*', {

TypeError: Cannot read property 'isFile' of undefined
    at D:\abinwork\fmis_web\node_modules\filemanager-webpack-plugin\lib\index.js:271:79
    at D:\abinwork\fmis_web\node_modules\graceful-fs\polyfills.js:282:31

The reason for the error is very simple, because the project we just pulled down does not have a dist directory, and then FileManager webpack plugin find a dist directory and find that it does not exist, and then strike and quit, resulting in an error;

There are two solutions

First, you can repackage it;

npm run build

Second, modify the configuration and automatically create the dist directory when running

Note: look at the first step first. If you can run the NPM run build and then the NPM run dev project, you don’t have to perform the second step

plugins: [
    new FileManagerWebpackPlugin ({
      onEnd: {
        mkdir: [‘./dist‘],
        delete: [
        archive: [
          {source: ‘./dist‘, destination: ‘./‘},

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