Bulk Update Error: #Cause: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the m

mybatis plus foreach batch insert is OK. Change it to update and keep reporting errors. It is OK to copy the SQL and execute it separately.
the insert statement supports batch and can be written in one statement:

INSERT INTO table_name (column1,column2,column3,...) VALUES (value1,value2,value3,...), (value1,value2,value3,...), (value1,value2,value3,...), (value1,value2,value3,...), (value1,value2,value3,...),(value1,value2,value3,...);

Update does not support batch. There are multiple statements corresponding to cyclic batch

update table set c1=v1;
update table set c1=v2;
update table set c1=v3;
update table set c1=v...;

Mybatis does not support executing multiple statements (multiple semicolons) by default
add the allowmultiqueries = true parameter to the database connection

Allowmultiqueries = true function:
1. You can carry semicolons after SQL statements to realize multi statement execution
2. You can execute batch processing and issue multiple SQL statements at the same time

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