_ASSERTE((unsigned)(c + 1) <= 256);

_ Asserte ((unsigned) (c + 1) & lt; = 256);

when using VS2010 to write a program, it is a very simple program, but when inputting Chinese characters, the following error prompt appears.

at the beginning, I was obsessed with the “cannot find or open the pdb file” of the error prompt, but later found that it was not the problem there. I started to notice the following problems.

click Retry, and a breakpoint message will appear.

next, click interrupt, and the breakpoint information will appear.

it can be seen from the figure that this is one of the problems in isctype. C file.

the solution is to right-click on the project – properties – configuration properties – C/C + + – command line

and then enter “/ J”

in the input box on the lower right side to re-enter Chinese characters. It is found that the error has been solved.

reference: msdn.microsoft.com

note: for other editors, such as VS2005, 2008 and 2012, you can choose from the top of the above website. As shown in the figure below

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